Over 200 Years of combined roofing
and Building Envelope Experience

We are a full-service roof and building envelope consulting firm serving all your roof and wall waterproofing needs. We believe in the saying, “People do what you inspect, not what you expect.” With our knowledge, attention to detail, design expertise and construction inspection services, we can assure you a problem free project. We specialize in the following industries:

Commercial: From commercial warehouses to office buildings to apartment complexes, Mark J. Sobeck Roof Consulting can guide you through inspection to survey, design maintenance and more.

Industrial: Industrial scale facilities require a consulting team with experience. Our team can help through the design and build process, as well as develop a preventive maintenance plan to fit your needs.

Institutional: Institutional buildings include churches, religious, educational, and governmental facilities. At Mark J. Sobeck Roof Consulting, we handle them all with skill and dedication.

Residential: This includes homes, townhomes, and condominium buildings.

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Past Projects


St. Gabriel’s Church, Hazleton

This multi-million-dollar project included complete re-roofing of the church, along with restoration and preservation of the two copper spires, restoration of the windows, and complete re-pointing and cleaning of all the masonry.

Plaza 550 Scranton

We were hired to evaluate the problems with the existing roof and then engaged to design the complete re-roofing including new tapered insulation and wind resistant metal edgings.


University of Scranton Houlihan-McLean Center

We were hired to design and inspect the shingle re-roofing and ventilation improvements. In addition, we also droned all elevations to capture images to be used in the window replacement and masonry restoration project.


First Presbyterian Church

Mark J. Sobeck Roof Consulting was hired to perform work for the First Presbyterian Church located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Work included periodic inspections throughout the years and design and inspection of the complete re-roofing of all steep sloped and flat roofs.

Luzerne County Courthouse

We were involved with the $6 million exterior renovation project from start to finish. We had the inspection contract for the masonry restoration and dome coating, and the design and inspection contract for the re-roofing of the steep slope roofs over the courtrooms and adjacent low slope sunken roofs.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

The Diocese of Scranton hired us to design the restoration to the exterior of the Cathedral, rectory, and chancery buildings to prepare for the 150th anniversary of the diocese. All the limestone and bricks were cleaned, everything was repointed, partial reroofing was done, along with restoring all the crosses on top of the Main church and steeples.

Wilkes-Barre YMCA

We have been involved with this building since 2002. Periodic inspections, flat roof replacement design, terra cotta tile replacement due to age and wear & tear, and tile replacement due to wind damage.

RIDC Westmoreland

This building, which is close to 3,000,000 SF is being reroofed in phases. The most recent phase, designed and inspected by us, was approximately $5.5 million.

RIDC Crane Shed Coating

This large building had a metal roof that was still structurally sound, but getting old. We specified repairs and coating to add another 20 years or more life to the roof.